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Online Procurement Services

About us

At UK2ME Logistics, we are dedicated to bringing shoppers in Nigeria the finest products from leading online stores from the UK and USA. We source fashion, toys, computers, kitchen items, and home electronics on your behalf and deliver them quickly and securely to you anywhere in Nigeria. All you pay is the exact same price you see on the UK or US site, plus a 10% charge and shipping.

Our online shopping service is available to both individuals and wholesalers based in Nigeria. We guarantee that the goods supplied will be the original products and brands specified in every case, and that we will pass on any savings visible online to our customers. In addition, both business and consumer customers are fully covered if goods are damaged or lost in transit. We have an extensive network of logistical connections around the world; in addition to our online shopping in Nigeria service we can also process contracts for government organisations, schools and charities. 


We’re based in Dartford, Kent, in the UK and were founded in 2008. Since then, we’ve developed a reputation for honesty, fairness, reliability and excellence. Customers value our integrity, and come back to us again and again. Our business is completely open and transparent, with verifiable addresses and management team members.


We are actively involved in corporate social responsibility projects, and during 2014 will be donating toys, books, clothing and nappies to an orphanage selected by our fans on Facebook.


Online shopping in Nigeria is going through a positive transformation. Young, hardworking and enterprising people with strong skills and education are building strong businesses based on hard work and excellent customer service. We’re happy to be a part and leader in this movement.

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